Dealer For Honda In Manassas Helps Shoppers Lease Or Buy

Deciding whether to buy or lease a Honda in Manassas was once a tough choice, but now a premier dealer makes it easy. Joyce Koons Honda will help shoppers determine if they should buy or lease the car of their dreams. The sales team makes it easy to come to a conclusion so drivers can be on the road in no time.

The difference between buying and leasing a car is simple. Those who choose to buy a car will pay for the entire cost of the vehicle. Leasing a car means paying for only part of the vehicle’s cost. This portion is determined by how long drivers lease the car. Buying a car means the driver is the owner, while those who lease understand that they don’t actually own the vehicle and are financing it from the dealership.

Down payments may be a big factor in deciding whether to lease or buy a car. A down payment will most likely be requested when buying a vehicle but may not be needed when leasing. Credit score and the lender’s requirements will factor into the price of a down payment. If those who lease want to have smaller monthly payments, they can choose to give more money for their down payment.

Should Drivers Buy Or Lease A Car?

Honda ManassasThe future value of a vehicle may also be a big factor for Manassas Honda shoppers when choosing to buy or lease. A vehicle will be worth any amount it can be sold for, depending on how well the owner maintains it. Those who buy a car have the ability to sell it for any price they desire while those who lease a car never actually own it, which in turn means they cannot sell it.

If shoppers choose to buy a car, once they have completed their payments, the car is 100% theirs. Those who lease a car often return their vehicle on the end of the lease term. Although, some who choose to lease a car wind up purchasing it at the end of their lease. There are different options to determine this price, all of which can be determined by a team member at this top dealer for Honda in Manassas.

Joyce Koons Honda offers many of the latest models that can be bought or leased. The all-new 2013 Accord is ideal for families of any size while the 2013 Pilot is great for larger parties. Those interested in a sportier model will enjoy the 2013 CR-Z and drivers who need a tough truck for a job can trust the 2013 Ridgeline.

Visit Joyce Koons Honda for more details about buying or leasing a vehicle. For more information about Joyce Koons Honda, please visit or call 866-771-5815 today.

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